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South america travel

South America has an area of 17,843,000 square kilometers and is the fourth largest continent on earth. On this continent live over 388 million people. Included is South America from the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west. At the southern tip of South America is the island of Tierra del Fuego, separating a street from the neighboring continent of Antarctica. The beautiful continent can be divided into three Areas. First, in the Andes, which are the high mountains on the west side, the three river valleys east of the Andes and in the three countries, mountain east of the Andes. The longest mountain range on earth are the Andes on the west coast of South America. 7500 km runs the mountains of Venezuela to the southern tip of Patagonia. With 6962 meters altitude is the Aconcagua, the highest mountain of the continent and is situated on the border between Argentina and Chile. The southernmost point of South America, of course, holding a name, namely Cape Hoom. Very well known, is a long river Amazon, the 6448 is the most water flow of the earth. The hill country of Guyana, the Brazilian highlands and the highlands Ostpatagonische divided into the rainforest mountains of southern Venezuela, which has a maximum elevation up to 2,800 meters. This mountainous country pull down to the coast of Brazil and Argentina in the south.

Travel and tourist attractions in South America

Approximately 78 km southeast away from Manaus, the Dolphin Lodge is situated on the banks of the river Mamori. This is especially for people who love adventure suitable. Here you can live like the people on Amazon and see for yourself up close. The route from Manaus to Mamori river is accessible only by boat, it takes a longer journey. Brazil, Santa Catarina is very familiar with the dream beach of Praia do Rosa. Here you can experience the nature of names, about 74 km southwest of Florianopolis you can watch whales in southern Brazil. The project "Baleia Franca offers protection and helps the elections at any time. Up to 17 meters long and 45 tons can be difficult these beautiful whales. A specialized group of whales that had developed the project choice, offer also the tourist beautiful hikes where you can watch the whales from names. In order to give birth to their young mammals, the whales come from July to November on the coast of Santa Catarina. South America Tours offer a lot of nature and beautiful beaches to the tourists. Anyone who loves nature and the animals should visit Brazil necessarily. The Amazon is known with the surrounding beautiful scenery. The incredibly beautiful flora and fauna of the rainforest, they can see if they make boat trips on the Amazon or from in the jungle. This area enchants her life. Of course, the locals look forward to a visit, where they can experience the real everyday lives of these people in reality. Your trip should go to Pantanal. Here you can visit the nature paradise of flora and fauna. The gigantic waterfalls, they can discover the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, in Foz do Iguazu in the south of Brazil and experience. Falls you should have seen, they are beautiful and a true natural wonder.

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