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Holidays in South America

Holidays in South America - a unique experience that you should miss ot!

Have you got enough to make to leave permanently in a place where everyone breaks forth and want to finally learn something new? Want to learn a new culture and learn about the lifestyle of the South Americans? Then you should definitely plan a trip to Südamerka! You will bereuhen not under warranty and for years after that rave about this country and its wonderful sights!
In South America, nothing is quite as in Germany and one has to be during the stay in this country feel in a completely different world. But why this country attracts so many tourists already, and why you should just fly to South America? It's simple: It is an experience that you will not soon forget and a world that impressed! Meanwhile, there are several tour operators offer the tours through the South American part completely, but you can go exploring on your own course and choose a country. Whether it will be Peru and Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela - that you will have to decide yourself. All these countries have their own charm and you get to know them best when they are on-site by the inhabitants themselves bring the tips, where to go best. Who knows? Perhaps you can find among the many hospitable and very open South Americans even met someone who you yourself encircles and thus get to know the area better? For this is often the case! For the hotel reservation should be aware that the classification is somewhat different than in Germany. While here in a 3-star hotel has already can enjoy some upscale ambiance in South America, these sometimes barely habitable. It is worthwhile in any case in view of the accommodation does not pay attention to the money and one or two euros more to spend! Therefore, all other expenses such as a taxi ride, the food or the admission to attractions in comparison to Germany a bargain! Highly recommended are also day trips with ships at sea - far from the coast looks incredibly beautiful!

The scenery in South America - no matter what country they are there - is breathtaking, and it pays to take the camera at every little walk! Whether it is by the sea or in the middle of the city - can be found almost always something you want to capture in photographs and would later proudly present the relatives. Of course, you learn in South America not only know the bright side - you will experience that the people there is not always as good as with us in Germany. The contrast can be seen especially in the big cities like Sao Paolo in Brazil, where most people have work and entsprechent lead a good life. If one then continues on just half an hour and ends up in the suburbs, you see people who inhabit no houses but huts and the tear is flowing water.
The country often live on tourism and why we should not do with our well-earned holiday any good?

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