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Chiapas 9


Neosaurios Collective,
The rebellion in history

Mary Jaidopulu Vrijea,
Indigenous women as political subjects

Elizabeth Polito Barrios Morfin,
The domestic and foreign capital in Chiapas

Edur Velasco Arregui
Indian question, and nation: the Zapatista rebellion from an Andean perspective

João Pedro Stédile,
Latifundio: Brazilian agrarian sin

Adriana Lopez Monjardin,
The new Zapatistas and the struggle for land

Luis Hernandez Navarro
Zapatistas: The Interaction of Color


Ricardo Robles,
The collective rights of indigenous peoples. Another way to view human rights from community partnerships

Ana Esther Cecena,
"Biopiracy or sustainable development?

First Encounter of Latin American Social Movements also

Final Declaration of the Second American Encounter for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism

Ornelas Raul Bernal,
A world we spy. The scandal ECHELON