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Chiapas 8


Armando Bartra

Laura Carlsen,
Indigenous women in the social movement

Miguel Angel Garcia
Chimalapa history: a patient and tenacious struggle by a wealthy Indian territory in dispute

Margaret Robertson Sierra,
The house of our culture. The territory of the Nahua of Ayotitlan

Graciela Freyermuth,
And ethnic violence in enticing communal forms of conflict resolution

Ines Castro Apreza,
Remove the water to fish: the low intensity war in Chiapas (1994 - 1998)

Victor Rios Cortazar, Joel Heredia Cuevas and Andrew Andrade Xanatos,
Polho: health besieged

Luis Hernandez Navarro
Four theses on a war no one wants to recognize the name


Subcomandante Marcos,
The Zapatistas and Newton's apple

Ricardo Robles,
Rarámuri legal system: the nature of its ancient legal system, respect and enforcement of justice, resistance and legality

Jerome Rajchenberg,
Ja June ch'inil lo'ili yuj chawuk Jumasa '. A little story Maya

Ana Esther Garcia Torres, Esmeralda Lopez Armenta, Alma Nava Martinez Autonomous Municipality of Polho
Cover photo: Xochitl Zepeda 2000