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Chiapas 7


Immanuel Wallerstein,
The ANC and South Africa: Past and Present of the liberation movements in the world system

Adelfo Regino Montes,
Indigenous peoples: Diversity denied

Laura Carlsen,
Indigenous autonomy and customs, the innovation of tradition

Luis Hernandez Navarro
The labyrinth of the misconceptions: San Andreas and the indigenous struggle

Ana Esther Cecena,
The resistance as a space for building the new world

Adriana Lopez Monjardin and Dulce María Rebolledo,
The Zapatista autonomous municipalities

Antonio Paoli
Tzeltal community and socialization

Jorge Cadena Roa,
Collective action and creating alternative

Ana Esther Cecena,
The world of us: Interview with Carlos Lenkersdorf


Armando Bartra
John Kenneth Turner: an uncomfortable witness

Francisco Pineda
Frantz Fanon: The Wretched of the Earth and 68

Psychological warfare in its urban
(report on human rights violations against civilian agencies)

Political Declaration of civil society in their encounter with the EZLN
Cover photo by Monica Cane 1999