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Chiapas 4


Ramon Vera
The infinite becoming of the new

Ana Esther Cecena,
Neoliberalism and insubordination

Sofia Rojo Arias,
The three keys that open the three chains: the political values

Luis Hernandez Navarro
Between memory and forgetting: guerrillas, the indigenous movement and legal reforms at the time of the EZLN

María Cristina Renard,
Peasant movements and political organizations: Simojovel-Huitiupan (1974-1990)

Interview with Adelina Ana Esther Cecena Bottero, Luciano Salza, Friederike Habermann, Marc Tomsin, Massimo de Angelis and Ulrich Brand,
How Europe sees the Zapatistas?

Interview with Ana Esther Cecena Monjardin Adriana Lopez, Carlos Manzo and Julio Moguel
Civil society and the EZLN

Armando Bartra
Chiapas, Aleph


Madjiguène Cissé
The Paperless

Landless Workers Movement,

The struggle for agrarian reform: the challenges for the new millennium

Guatemala: Agreement on Identity and Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Comparative balance between the constitutional reforms proposed by the Cocopa and the comments of the Executive

Margara Millan Chiapas and indigenous women. Their diversity and resilience
Cover photo: Yuriria Pantoja Millán 1997