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Chiapas 2


Ana Esther Cecena,
Universality of the Zapatista struggle. Some hypotheses

Ruben Jimenez Ricardez,
January War

Enrique Rajchenberg S. and Catherine Héau-Lambert,
History and symbolism in the Zapatista movement

Enrique Semo,
The EZLN and the transition to democracy

Susan Street,
The true word of the Zapatistas in Chiapas

Jose Blanco Gil, José Alberto Rivera and Oliva Lopez
Chiapas: the permanent health emergency


Servicios del Pueblo Mixe, A. C.,
Autonomy: a specific form of exercising the right to self-determination and its scope

Agreements on indigenous rights and culture reached by the delegations of the EZLN and the Federal Government in the first part of the Plenary of the dialogues Antitrust St. Andrew Sacamch'en, February 16, 1996

Francisco Pineda
The low intensity war

Elizabeth Polito and Juan González Esponda,
Chronology. Twenty years of conflict in the field: 1974-1993

Cover photo: Urban profile