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Chiapas 16


Ana Esther Cecena
The challenges of the world where all worlds fit and subversion of historical knowledge of the fight

Jérôme Baschet
"Beyond the struggle for humanity and against neoliberalism?

Rajchenberg Héau Henry and Catherine Lambert
Zapatistas Rests

Armando Bartra
The wars of Ogre

José Seoane
Rebellion, dignity, autonomy and democracy. Shared Voices from the South

Interview with Alfio Nicotra,
Representative of the Communist Refoundation Party to the European Social Forum

Álvaro García Linera
The indigenous popular uprising in Bolivia


Joachim Hirsch
Power and anti-power. About the book by John Holloway Change the World Without Taking Power

John Holloway
Real People, ie rebel. Much more than a response to Atilio Boron


Violet R. Nunez
San Miguel Chiptik. The autonomy of acasillados

Raul Ornelas
Gas war: forty-five days of resistance and popular triumph