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Chiapas 15


Orlando Caputo, John Radrigán and Graciela Galarce,
Copper Manifesto

José Rabasa,
Negri by Zapata: Constituent power and the limits of autonomy

Christophe Görg and Ulrich Brand,
"Sustainable Globalization?

Gilberto López y Rivas,
Counterinsurgency and paramilitary groups in Chiapas in the government of Vicente Fox


Armando Bartra
The flame and stone. How to change the world without taking power by John Holloway

Atilio Boron,
Power, "counter" and "anti-power." Notes on a loss of political theory in contemporary critical ensamiento

Adolfo Gilly
The Maker


Open letter to President Lula on the award of the Alcantara base in the U.S. Army

II Hemispheric Meeting of Struggle against the FTAA:

* Osvaldo Martinez
FTAA: the treat of the "American Rome"

* Letter from the Minister of Production and Trade of Venezuela the chairman of the FTAA Trade Negotiations

* Extract from Mining Integration Treaty between Chile and Argentina

Amazonian Social Forum,
Final Declaration

III World Social Forum
Call of social movements

Cover photo: Andrew Thomas Contreris