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Chiapas 13


Eduardo M. Basualdo,
The current crisis in Argentina: between dollarization, depreciation and income redistribution

Edur Velasco Arregui
Central Asia in the XXI century and long-term movements in the global economy

Enrique Rajchenberg,
The rebellion of memory. Interview with Mauricio Fernandez Picolo

Myriam Amparo Espinosa
Contrast between colonial and subaltern gaze on Plan Colombia

José Seoane,
Regime crises and social protest in Argentina


Power and representation: the state within us

Ana Esther Cecena, and Raul Ornelas Adriana Ornelas
It is not necessary to conquer the world, just as we do again today

Jérôme Baschet,
"The Zapatistas against the empire? An invitation to discuss the book by Michael Hardt and Toni Negri


II World Social Forum in Porto Alegre:

* Declaration of social movements. Resistance to neoliberalism, militarism and war, for peace and social justice

* For a world without war. Manifesto

* A Mexico without war is possible

* International People's Tribunal on Debt. Verdict

* José Saramago,
This world of global injustice


Claudia Korol,
New words of the protesters

The children of Cordobazo. Chronicle from the Greater Buenos Aires

Leon Rozitchner,
Flowery fields of Argentina

Cover photo: Thomas Kruse