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Chiapas 10


Jérôme Baschet,
(Re) discuss the history

John Holloway,
The shoe and the social sciences in Latin America

Immanuel Wallerstein,
The albatross racist. Social science, Jörg Haider and Widerstand

Carlos Antonio Aguirre Rojas
Chiapas, Latin America and the capitalist world system

Sergio Tischler V.,
Rigoberta Menchú: memory and subject. The time broke the revolutionary nationalization of indigenous and peasant in Guatemala

Ramon Vera
Ecuador: log of a popular uprising


Enrique Rajchenberg,
"Milpas or chimneys? The controversy surrounding the mid-century industrialization

William Blum
A brief history of U.S. interventions since 1945

Ulrich Brand,
Between neoliberal globalization and the welfare state? The debate on Global Governance

Sak's Diary K'inal Tajaltik,
On the exploitation and oppression

Forum for the Defense of Life, Land and Natural Resources.
Declaration of San Gregorio: Montes Azules Biosphere

World Social Forum 2001
Another world is possible

Cover photo: Xochitl Zepeda