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Government forms in Mexico

The official name for Mexico is "Estados Unidos Mexicanos" and translated into German it is called the "United Mexican States." Mexico is in the northern part of Central America, bordered to the north by the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Teaxs the United States. To the south Guatemala and Belize borders with Mexico and elsewhere lies in the western Pacific and eastern Gulf of Mexico. Ever since the independence war against Spain in 1821 ended, found in Mexico, many civil wars and independence movements of the various states instead. The Mexican government changed regularly. Mexico was the Empire, Republic, a secular federal republic and empire, and then came back a dictatorship. The Mexican nation has repeatedly against these different governments to resist. This led to the Mexican Revolution in 1917 to a new state constitution, since then the Mexican government a presidential federal republic. This constitution was amended in 1994. The land area of Mexico has decreased since 1821 by 30%, 30% of these are now the USA.

Today's Mexico Government

Today, the Government of Mexico from the legislatures, the Congress of Mexico, and the executive, the head of state. Of course, Mexico also has a Supreme Court, the judicial branch. The offices of the Government and the Commander of the Mexican military, the president of Mexico held. Additionally, the Mexican president very much power, for he also appoints the Cabinet and its ministers. He is also responsible for implementing the laws and he has the legislative power of veto. The President may be elected only once for six years. Since 2006, Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa is President of Mexico, he belongs to the PAN party. In the PAN, Partido Acción Nacional, is a Christian-Conservative Party, which belongs to the organization "Christian Democrat Organization of Ameria. Felipe Calderón studied law at Harvard University, USA.

Felipe Calderón won the election very close with only 0.58 percent lead over López Obrador. López Obrador studied political science and management science and is very popular among the population, he served as mayor of Mexico City and belongs to the PRD. The PRD "Partido de la Revolución Democrática," is the Party of Democratic Revolution, and it is moderate left. Its members are mostly socialist and liberal politicians. López Obrador fenced to the election results of the elections in 2006. With the help of his followers, he called out a rival. At the swearing in of President Felipe Calderón took the time in the Mexican parliament brawls. In the year 2007 was one third of the Mexican population believes that elections are not properly ran and fraud took place. The government of Mexico has major corruption problems within its own ranks in the police and in the judiciary with the drug crime. Since time immemorial is the drug trade in the U.S. from Latin American countries, Central and South America through Mexico. In the years 2008 and 2009, the Mexican President Felipe Calderón with the help of the police and the military to the Mexican drug cartels has inflicted heavy losses.

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